James Vincent

Beyond Measure: The Hidden History of Measurement

We measure rainfall and radiation, the depths of space and the emptiness of atoms, calories and steps, happiness and pain. But how did measurement become ubiquitous in modern life? When did humanity first take up scales and rulers, and why does this practice hold authority over so many aspects of our lives?

Written with vim and dazzling intelligence, James Vincent provides a fresh and original perspective on human history as he tracks our long search for dependable truths in a chaotic universe. Full of mavericks and visionaries, adventure and the unexpected, Beyond Measure shows that measurement has not only made the world we live in, it has made us too.

James Vincent

James Vincent is a journalist and writer from London who has worked and written for numerous publications including The London Review of Books, Financial Times, Independent, Wired, New Statesman, and others. He’s currently a senior reporter for The Verge covering artificial intelligence and robotics.
Beyond Measure is his first book.